About Keepfiling

We at Keepfiling strive to bring you the best Archival Safe and Acid Free document sleeves for office organizing, art storage or scrapbooking. From thick heavy duty quality to standard weight, we want our clear plastic pages to be the best solution for your everyday organizing and filing needs. This for many years to come. Being that we focus 100% organization accessories and binder organization, we have the ability to offer new and special size storage sleeves. Look through our size listing and you will find many unconventional formats. In addition to standard and odd sizes pre-punched pocket, we also offer file jackets, DVD holders, CD sleeves, business card

We only supply quality products that live up to a standard we would use ourselves with one exception, which has been clearly highlighted as it is not a product we carry with pride.

At the bottom of our website you will find links for more information on polypropylene and acid free archival safety, as well as information on other issues to lookout for when purchasing scrapbooking storage pages or file jackets for school, home, or office as an educated consumer.

We offer our own uniquely designed Keepfiling binder collection and a selection of organizing accessory that is not available from the local big box retailer or office product super store. However, the binder accessories you will find at the super store.


Ask us anything about Binder Accessories If you have any questions about our binders or binder accessory products, archival safety, shipping charges, payment methods, order tracking or any other questions or concerns you wish to address in regards to the use of sheet protectors, page protectors, file jackets, scrapbooking, cd sleeves, etc.

Within 1 hour or immediately you will receive answer to your question during regular work hours Monday to Friday (central time) when we have the answer on hand. We will always answer you within 24 hours.
Other ways to contact us: We do recommend that you send us an e-mail. It is often faster and easier as we can return your e-mail with links and photos to provide a better answer your question. It is also faster when tracking orders as our system is not 100% automated and we have to get the Fedex or UPS tracking numbers manually from the shipping lists.

If you for some reason can not e-mail us you are welcome to send a fax or give us a call at:

Phone: 618 912 4466
Fax: 312 324 0605 (order fax)

Please note we are NOT a retail store. Products can only be purchased over the internet.

1860 Renaissance Blvd.
Sturtevant, WI 53177

Please do NOT return products to this above address. It is not our warehouse address. Always request a RAN number (return authorization number) before returning any packages. See returns.

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