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14 x 11 Landscape Poster Binder - temp
11x14 3 Ring Binder - 14 x 11 Landscape 3 Ring Binder
14x11 landscape poster binder
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14x11 Landscape Poster Binder

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Landscape documents in 14 x 11 inches size - such as drawings, sketches, paintings, and other artworks. Durable and archival safe 3-ring binder. Matching sheet protectors are available. Made in up to 65% recycled and archival safe polypropylene. Curved edge at front and color matching finger ring at spine for easy pull from shelf provides a simple, beautiful and functional design as known from Scandinavian design.


  • Label holder on spine for convenient identification.
  • Inside push hole for easy removable of label.
  • Finger hole ring for easy pull from shelf.
  • Designer curved front edge for easy hold and opening of binder.
  • 3 D-shape rings for pages to stack uniformly. Not Z-rings or O-rings.
  • Back-mounted rings allow page to lie flat.
  • Black powder coated metal rings. Reduce risk of nickel allergy.
  • Triggers (boosters) for easy opening of metal rings.
  • Up to 65% recycled polypropylene.


  • Holds 280 pages WITHOUT sheet protectors (standard copy paper, 20 Lb).
  • Holds 160 pages WITH sheet protectors (two pages per protector, back to back); each binder can hold 80 sheet protectors.
  • 1-1/2 inch D-ring (2-3/8 binder spine, for more info see also: Technical Info).


Made of 3 layer of archival safe polypropylene with an inner core of up to 65% recycled material. The inner core has been heated up to create a stiff but slightly flexible core. Outside and inner layer is made in new virgin colored polypropylene.

Available color: Black & Inside White.


  • 1 binder (individual wrapped in a sealed bag). 12 pieces per master carton.
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11 x 14 is a very common picture frame size which means a lot of photos are in that size. With picture frames, you can simply rotate it if your picture is in a landscape format, which basically measures as 14 x 11. With binders, while you can still store a 14 x 11 picture in a 11 x 14 binder it can become very inconvenient when you have to rotate the binder to view the landscape picture, especially since a 11 x 14 binder is considered a relatively big binder. That is why at Keepfiling we also have a 14 x 11 landscape binder specific for your landscape artworks or other 14x11 documents. Use it together with out marching 14x11 landscape sheet protectors and you can yourself a nice little folder to organize and showcase your 14x11 artworks like drawings, sketches, painting, and other 14x11 documents.


11 x 14 is a widely used canvas or paper size for artists to do their work on. You have posters, paintings, drawing and sketches all in the 11x14 size, but some artists will do their work in the landscape format which is 14 x 11. It never hurts to have a binder that you can pull out and store any of the 14 x 11 posters or paintings that you come across and purchase. As artworks, it's important to keep them safe and stored away nicely preventing them from getting deteriorated over time, thus having our 14x11 binder is a no-brainer if you are an art collector.


Keepfiling 14 x 11 Binder Free Spine Labels
Don't forget you can also download for FREE our spine label templates to use with the binders. Label your binders accordingly so you'll know what each binder is holding. Quick and easy to use. Have labels ready in 5 minutes.

Download yours now for FREE here!

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14x11 Landscape Poster Binder
Document Storage: 14" x 11" (width x height)
Label Holder: Yes at spine.
Inside pocket: No
Easy Pull: Yes, ring in spine for easy pull from shelf.
Rings: 1-1/2 Inch 3-ring black powder coated D-Rings 4-1/4" apart (center to center).
Color: Black outside and inside snow white.
Binder Capacity: 280 Pages (standard copy paper, 20 Lb).
Sheet Prot. Capacity: +75 pcs. Extra Heavy Weight Sheet Protectors, Keepfiling no: 11914 with paper inserted.
Material: Archival safe polypropylene with a inner core of up to 65% recycled polypropylene.
Material Thickness: 3/32" (2.5 mm) thick cover.
Outside Dimensions: 16-3/4" x 12" x 2-3/8" (42.2 x 30.0 x 6.0 cm) (width x height x thickness).
Unit Weight: 1.40 Lb.
Sales Unit: 1 binder.
Case Quantity: 12 pieces per carton.
Item No.: 30411
Brand Name: Keepfiling
Design: Danish design by Boto - Denmark
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