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New!  Set of 12 Mini Ring Binder for 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 paper with label holder
Set of 12 Mini 3 Ring Binder
Sold in case of 12 binders
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Set of 12 Mini Binder 5.5 x 8.5

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Priced & Sold: Case of 12 Binders (one color per case)

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+100 cases in stock of all colors
Item No: 30500BX-12

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Set of 12 Binders


  • Storing and organizing of 5.5 x 8.5 inch documents, and sheet protectors
  • Storing and organizing homeschool materials, such as the Classical Conversation Timeline Cards
  • Use at home or in the office because of it's mini size. Very convenient and handy binder.


  • Inside push hole for easy removable of label.
  • Clear pocket on the inside cover for organization and storage.
  • Color matching finger hole ring for easy pull from shelf.
  • Designer curved front edge for easy hold and opening of binder.
  • D-rings (1.5 inch) for pages to stack uniformly. Not Z-rings, O-rings or round rings.
  • Back-mounted rings allow page to lie flat.
  • Black powder coated metal rings. Reduce risk of nickel allergy.
  • Triggers (boosters) for easy opening of metal rings.
  • Extra wide for use with sheet protectors and dividers.
  • Up to 65% recycled polypropylene.


  • Holds 280 pages WITHOUT sheet protectors (standard copy paper, 20 Lb).
  • Holds 180 pages WITH sheet protectors (two pages per protector, back to back); each binder can hold 90 sheet protectors.
  • 1-1/2 inch D-ring (2-3/8 binder-spine, for more info see also: Technical Info).


  • Made of 3 layer of archival safe polypropylene with an inner core of up to 65% recycled material. The inner core has been heated up to create a stiff but slightly flexible core. Outside and inner layer is made in new virgin colored polypropylene.
    Available colors: Black & Inside White, Black & Inside Green, Black & Inside Red, Black & Sapphire Blue.


  • Sold in a set of 12 binders - 1 color only per case (all individually wrapped in a sealed bag).
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Sometimes also known as a reference binder, our Mini-Binder is great for storing small miscellaneous items due to it's smaller size. In the office or at home, this 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 binder with sheet protectors can be used to store and help organize memo notes, receipts that needs to be kept for record, loose labels for future use, warranties, instruction manuals, etc. On top of that, a lot of restaurants and cafes will use this size folder and sheet protectors to display there special menu. We offer two different size sheet protectors that will work with this unit size: 5 x 7 or the 5.5 x 8.5 inch model. The size refer to the actual paper size that can be inserted into the clear pocket.


To get more value out of your new binder and a great free way is to download one of the many free templates available from Keepfiling. It will make the binder more fun and playful to work with and for sure make it standout even though it already have a distinguish design this will for sure make it a joy for the eye.

Fresh designed spine label templatesStylish binder designed spine label Now that you are getting the Keepfiling 3 ring mini binder why not make it exciting and creative with the use of some of the free colorful templates that is available for download from Keepfiling. Here is a few design ides. More found here: Keepfiling Templates

The label is easy to inter-change with the hidden inside finger hole, another small feature that show that a lot of efforts has been put into the creation of this binder series.

TOP OFF YOUR BINDER (is that possible) ?

You may even consider using the additional Keepfiling Stick-On Pointing Flags for easy review and bring attention to the things that matter in your reference material. Even when looking for something in a binder content can easy be lost between the lines so to speak, here it is great to have the Keepfiling Pointing Flat at hand, easily attached inside the binder.

Pointing Flags for easy attachment. Stick- On Pointing flags are a great way to increase the user value of your binder. Having the flags ready and at hand no matter where you carry the binder makes it flexible and super convenient to stay focused. Sold separately.


Keepfiling Mini-Binders are also great for organizing DVDs when used together with DVD pages. Instead of keeping the old individual black DVD boxes, you can use your binder plus the DVD pages to store your collection of DVDs. The DVD and the title page that came with the original black DVD box are stored together in one unit and save up to 68% of shelf space.

Keepfiling Mini 3 Ring Binder with 20 CDs' One Mini Binder and a set of 20 DVD pages will save you 68% Space compared to when using original standard black DVD boxes. Available is a DVD Combo Binder-Set (Binder+Pages). Note the clear inside binder pocket.

In summarize what really makes this binder so great is it's size and all the things it can be utilized for. Rather than using large folders to store small items as mentions above, this mini 3 ring binder will take up significantly less spaces on shelves in the office and at home in order to give you more room to store other items. A great example where the small size comes as an advantage is how airlines will now use this size binders to store aviation guides inside a pilot's cockpit where very little space is to be found.

Other great usage suggestions:

  • Science cards for home schools
  • Recipes in the kitchen
  • Bible study groups and songs at church

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Set of 12 Mini 5.5 x 8.5 Binder
Document Storage: 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" (width x height)
Label Holder: Yes at spine.
Inside pocket: Yes, clear inside pocket on left cover for easy reference.
Easy Pull: Yes, ring in spine for easy pull from shelf.
Rings: 1-1/2 Inch 3-ring black powder coated D-Rings 2-3/4" apart (center to center).
Color: Black outside and inside snow white, red, lime green or sapphire blue.
Binder Capacity: 280 Pages (standard copy paper, 20 Lb).
Sheet Prot. Capacity: 95 pcs. Heavy Weight Sheet Protectors,Keepfiling no: 15500 with paper inserted.
Material: Archival safe polypropylene with a inner core of up to 65% recycled polypropylene.
Material Thickness: 3/8" (2.0 mm) thick cover.
Outside Dimensions: 2-5/16" x 9-3/16" x 8-1/16" (58 x 234 x 205 mm) (width x height x deep).
Case Weight: 6.24 Lb
Sales Unit: 1 carton.
Case Quantity: 12 pieces per carton.
Item No: 30500BX-12
Brand Name: Keepfiling
Design: Danish design by Boto - Denmark
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