Custom labels in 5 minutes  - FREE

Keepfiling offers numerious spine label templates that you can download for FREE and use with your binders! Our spine labels are designed to match the colors of our binders and also the different colored finger rings that we have.

While each Keepfiling binder already comes with an exsiting spine label that you can use, you may feel the need of something that is more colorful or better looking. You can download any of the exiting templates for free and use them as is, or if you're tech savy enough you can even change up the colors and fonts to customize them!

Follow these 5 simple steps to get your FREE custom labels:
  1. Download the templates & save the file on your computer.
  2. Open the template file with Microsoft Word.
  3. Edit the text for each label.
  4. Print out the label.
  5. Cut the labels along the OUTER BLACK DOTTED LINES.
Click here to view all available templates