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Letter Size White Zen View Binder for 8-1/2 x 11 paper with label holder - 12 Binders @ $83.82 (Only $6.99/binder)
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Sold Case of 12 White Zen View Binders
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Priced & Sold: Set of 12 Binders

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Item No: 34740-12




8.5x11 Binders for storage of letter size documents (8-1/2 x 11 inch) as well as plastic sheet protectors. Made in up to 65% recycled and archival safe polypropylene. Curved edge at front and color matching finger ring at spine for easy pull from shelf as well as label holder at spine combines a functional design with the appeal of simplicity as known from Scandinavian design.

White Zen option features a clear front pocket on the binder cover so you can insert a cover sheet. Use this opportunity to create your own cover sheet and customize your binder to fit your personal style and purpose. No cutting need. It comes with a special designed mounting sheet that helps keep your cover sheet centered in the binder cover pocket.


  • Label holder on spine for convenient identification.
  • Inside push hole for easy removable of label.
  • Clear pocket on the inside cover for organization and storage.
  • Color matching finger hole ring for easy pull from shelf.
  • Designer curved front edge for easy hold and opening of binder.
  • 3 D-shape rings for pages to stack uniformly. Not Z-rings or O-rings.
  • Back-mounted rings allow page to lie flat.
  • Black powder coated metal rings. Reduce risk of nickel allergy.
  • Triggers (boosters) for easy opening of metal rings.
  • Up to 65% recycled polypropylene.


  • Holds 280 pages (standard copy paper, 20 Lb).
  • Holds +160 pages WITH sheet protectors (two pages per protector, back to back); each binder can hold +80 sheet protectors.
  • 1-1/2 inch D-ring (2-3/8" spine, for more info see also: Technical Info).


Made of 3 layer of polypropylene sandwiched together in a heating process which makes this binder very strong and rigid. The inner core contains mainly recycled material and the two outer layers are made in new virgin colored polypropylene.

Available colors: Black & Inside White, Black & Inside Green, Black & Inside Red, Black & Inside Sapphire Blue.


  • 12 binders (each individual wrapped in a sealed bag) in a master carton.
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Choose this White Zen View Binder Bulk set here for the best deal!

This is your binder for everyday use to store and file standard letter size documents. It can be used together with any of our letter size sheet protectors to organize your papers for work or school and this in coordination with CD pages and business card pages to make the ultimate organized binder or presentation -and you may even consider using the Keepfiling Stick-On Sheet Protector Tabs for easy review. The Keepfiling White Zen View Binders can preferable be stored on shelves and can be easily moved around with the finger hole that is located on the spine even when stacked close and tight on the shelf.

The inside of the binder feature a large clear pocket for easy storage and sorting of documentation, example for pre-handling before final insert into the binder. It makes it nice and easy to work with over the cause of the day. The back spine feature a clear label holder where you can insert your own label or download one from our ready made templates for you convenient use. The label is easy to inter-change with the use of the attached instructions.


The letter size 3 ring binders are the most common used standard in America. It let's you organize your letter size documents for convenience. On a daily basis, tonnes of papers are being handled whether it's in an office, at school or at home. You have office documents, homework from school, and bills at home. Using a binder lets you keep all these paper organized and in one place for easy assess when you need them. Keepfiling's original Letter Size will do exactly that. However, we are not satisfied and we always want to provide better products.

That is why we have the White Zen binder series that comes with a front clear cover pocket that lets you insert a cover sheet. With a cover sheet, a binder becomes even more convenient as you can identify it's contents from what you put on your cover sheet. The cover sheet is 5x's larger than the spine label so it can fit more information. Aside from convenience, a cover sheet also allows you to be creative and come up with something unique for your album. Perhaps it's a schoolbinder and you want yours to be different from your classmates - so create your own cover sheet and insert it into the transparent cover.

The Letter Size White Zen Binder is everything like your standard binder, but with features that adds to it's existing convenience and also opens up a creative twist to how your presentation will look.


Keepfiling White Zen View Binder option

- DIY cover page; no tools needed

Customize your storage with our White Zen View Binders that lets you insert your very own cover page. Different from our standard archival series, the White Zen View series is designed with a clear font cover. It also comes with a special designed mounting sheet to help keep your cover sheet centered. It's convenient and very easy to use.

White Zen View provide you with an opportunity to show your own style. Design your cover page and insert it into the clear front cover with the help from our special designed mounting sheet. Let your creativity run and come up with unique cover pages for your binders.

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Set of 12 Letter Size 8.5 x 11 White Zen View Binders in Bulk
Document Storage: 8-1/2" x 11" (width x height)
Label holder: Yes at spine
Inside pocket: Yes
Easy Pull: Yes, ring in spine for easy pull from shelf.
Rings: 1-1/2 Inch 3-rings black powder coated D-Rings 4-1/4" apart (center to center)
Color Available: White outside and inside
Capacity: 280 Pages (standard 20 Lb copy paper).
Sheet Prot. Capacity: +80 Standard Weight Sheet Protectors, Keepfiling no. 11740 with paper inserted.
Material: Archival safe polypropylene with an inner core of up to 65% recycled polypropylene
Material Thickness: 3/8" (2.0 mm) thick cover.
Outside Dimensions: 11-1/8" x 11-1/2" x 2-3/8" (28.3 x 29.2 x 6.0 cm) (width x height x thickness)
Unit Weight: 9 Lb
Sales Unit: 1 carton (12 binders).
Case Quantity: 12 pieces per carton.
Item No: 34740-12
Brand Name: Keepfiling
Design: Danish design by Boto - Denmark
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