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Index Tab Dividers

Keepfiling Index Tab Dividers
  • Self-adhesive
  • Convenient
  • Stiff & Durable
  • Professional looking
  • Available in different colors
  • Tabs for Notebooks & Binders
  • Self-adhesive
  • Convenient
  • Stiff & Durable
  • Professional looking
  • Available in different colors
  • Tabs for Binders & Notebooks
Bulk Discount Index Tab Dividers
Indexing is a vital part of being organized. A good indexing system, can help with sorting your documents and also make it easier for you when you need to find something. A good system requires good products to make it work. Keepfiling has excellent indexing accessories that will work together with the binder tabs for sheet protectors to create a simple, convenient and useful organizing system for you. What's best is that the indexing products can fit your specific needs any way you want.

For example we have tabbed binder dividers that works with sheet protectors or with colored edges that you can use to create a color coded indexing system for your documents. We also have Stick On Tab Dividers that you can attach to the sheet protector edge as extra wide tab dividers for sheet protectors to index different sections of your binder. The stick-on tabbed / tab dividers that stick out past page protectors are easy to use, hassle free binder dividers for sheet protectors. Available in an all-white pack or multicolored assorted pack. They can be easily written on or you can use the color tabs as oversized index tab dividers to color code your binder in your own personal way. Perhaps the best and most versatile dividers to use with sheet protectors.

On top of those, we also have Pointing Flags that are very handy and convenient. Use them to mark important parts of your documents and then remove them with ease when you are done. They will not leave marks or ruin your documents or sheet protectors.

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Edge Colored Sheet Protectors for Documents Color Edge Tab Sheet Protectors w/ Fast Load Function - 40/Pack

Easy Color Code Organizing w/ Fast Load Function & High Capacity Storage for 8.5 x 11 pages. Holds up to 25 pages.

40 pc. per unit.

$10.61 SAVE 15%
Colored Sheet Protector Tabs for Stick to Pages Multi Color Sheet Protector Tabs - 24/Pack

Multicolored strong self-adhesive two-sided tabs for indexing sheet protectors. Stiff, durable,and easy to use divider tabs.

24 pcs. per pack; 4 colors in each; 6 pieces per color.

White Tab Dividers for Extra Wide Sheet Protector Tabs White Sheet Protector Tabs - 24/Pack

White strong self-adhesive two-sided tabs for indexing sheet protectors. Stiff, durable, and easy to use dividers.

24 pcs. per pack.

Adhesive Pointing Flags for attachment to Ring Binder Cover Clip-On - Pointing Flags for Keepfiling Binders (Set of 3)

Adhesive 3 color earth tone sticky note flags with easy on hand dispenser. Points to all the important parts. Fits spine of 1.5" D-ring Keepfiling binders only

Set of 3.

Plastic binder finger ring for all Keepfiling binders Plastic Binder Finger Rings 12/ pack

Get organized with colorful rings and find your files fast.Colored plastic finger rings for all Keepfiling binders featuring a pull finger hole ring.

12 pieces per pack; One color per pack or Multi color option.

Simple stick-on tab dividers that will make organizing easier. Keepfiling wants to make organizing as easy and convenient for you as possible. With our index tab divider products your binders and notebooks can be divided into different sections so that you can go through them easier, and also with pointing flags you can highlight important points. There accessories are designed to work together with Keepfiling binders and sheet protectors, offering the best solution to your needs whether it's organizing or archiving materials.