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DVD & CD Binder Sets CD / DVD Pages

CD / DVD Pages for Binders

Keepfiling CD & DVD Organizing Products
  • Easy organizing of CD/DVD
  • Protect CD/DVD from damages
  • CD binder kits available
  • Archival safe & acid free
  • Variation of CD/DVD pages available
  • Easy Organizing of CD and DVD
  • Protect CD and DVD from Damage
  • Wide selection of CD Binder Pages for most Binder Ring Sizes
  • CD Binder Kits Available
  • Archival Safe & Acid Free
Keepfiling CD Binders and Pages Bulk Discount
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DVD Storage Binder Set for 20 DVDs & Movie Covers DVD Binder for DVD & Cover Title Page

Holds 20 DVD's & Movie Covers.


  • 1 binder
  • 20 DVD pages (1 pack)

$20.19 ...or less
CD Document Binder Set CD & Document Binder Set

CD and Document Binder Set for organizing CDs and documents together.


  • 1 binder
  • 20 clear sheets (2 packs)

You Save 12%
Small CD Holder - Mini CD Binder Set for 96 CD s Mini CD Binder Set for 96 CDs

Mirco CD binders and CD sleeves combo for organizing up to 96 CD/DVDs.


  • 4 binders
  • 50 clear sleeves (1 pack)

DVD Pages for Binders DVD Pages for Mini Binder - 20/Pack

DVD Pages for organizing DVDs into binders. Works with our Mini Binders.

20 pcs. per pack.

Black DVD Pages with protective non woven fabric for Binders NEW
Black DVD Pages for Mini Binder - 20/Pack

Extra protective Black non-woven fabric DVD Pages for organizing DVDs into binders. Works with our Mini Binders.

20 pcs. per pack.

CD and Document Sheet Protectors in One Unit. Holds both securely CD and Document Sheet Protectors - 20/Pack

Hold 1 CD & 1 index label at front and 8.5x11 papers in the back pocket. Index labels included.

20 pcs. per pack.

SAVE 30%, now: $12.07
CD Sleeves for Binders with 2 Holes CD Sleeves for Binders - 50/Pack

CD Sleeves for binders.  Fits two CDs.  Works with CD Binders.

CD Pages with Index Pocket for labels. Sheet-CD CD DVD Pages w/ Index Labels - 10/Pack

Pages for storing CD or DVD. Comes with index pocket for labels.

10 pcs. per pack.

$8.28 ...or less
CD Binder Kit for professional CD binder storage organizing with Index labels Office CD Storage Binder Set

Letter size binder and CD pages combo for organizing CD and DVDs. Organize up to 40 discs.


  • 1 binder
  • 20 clear pages (2 packs)

CD Ring Binder Storage Pages for Organizing CDs CD Binder Pages - 20/Pack

CD holder a perfect refill page for any standard 3 ring binder. Each page holds 2 CD's. 20 pages per pack. Each pack holds total 20 CD's. Sold per pack.

$6.57 - 50% OFF
Sale 20% Off of CD Binder Pages for organizing CDs CD Binder Pages - FULL CARTON SALE - 500/pcs

CD holder a perfect refill page for any standard 3 ring binder. Each page holds 2 CD's.

$84.50 - 74% OFF
ONLY $1.69 / Pack
3.5 Disk Organizer Pages for 3 Ring Binders Disk Organizer Pages for Binders - 10/Pack

Disk Organizer Pages for organizing diskettes into binders.

Mini CD Binder for CD Sleeves Mini CD Binder

Mini CD 4x4 Album for CD sleeves. Organize you CDs with a minimum storage space.


More About Keepfiling CD / DVD Organizing

CD and DVD are still a great way for storing data files, whether itís some sort of media like movies and music, or just simple text files. Itís easy to just burn files onto a CD/DVD and store them away until you need them. It makes sharing easier as well when you want to for example share your music with others or photos and movie clips from a recent gather with your relatives.Music and movies today are still being produced and released in CD and DVD format. More recently Blu-ray discs are becoming more common as well.

What Keepfiling has is a collection of sleeves and binders that can help you with organizing your discs. We have sleeves for single discs, or pages with two discs. We even have pages where you can store documents together with your disc. The great thing about these sleeves is that they can be used together with our binders. That way you can easily organize all your different types of discs, whether it's music, movies, or other CD/DVD.

CD/DVD Sleeves and Page

We have simple disc sleeves that you can store 2 CD or DVD together, or if you like a single CD/DVD and itís respective cover. We also have sheet protector type pages that you can use to organize several CD/DVD on one page. If you need to label your discs, some sheet protector pages will come with an index pocket for your labels.

One of our special CD/DVD products is document holder with a disc pocket. Essentially this is a typical letter size sheet protector that is designed with a separate disc holder in the front for your CD or DVD. This is a great product for backing up files both in hard-copy and soft-copy formats. It can also be great for those who share their work with people and want to provide both a printed and digital copy of their work.

Organize CD/DVD with Binders and Archival Safety

All Keepfiling CD/DVD sleeves and CD pockets for ring binders are made from archival safe acid free polypropylene. This is important because it will make sure the colors and print on your favorite artistsí music CD wonít stick onto the plastic and get ruined. The same goes with the writing on the CD/DVD that you burn yourself. The acid free polypropylene will not smear and ruin any of the colors and prints on your CD/DVD. Also, all sleeves and sheet protector pages are pre-punched with holes so that they can fit into binders for even easier organizing. Pages are punched with universal 11 holes so that they can be used together with 2, 3 and 4 ring binders (not legal size binders) this provide the option of combining the CD pages with standard 3-Ring Sheet Protectors as carried by Keepfiling as well. White CD Sleeves are punched with 2 holes to be used with our Keepfiling Mini CD Binder.
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