What Sheet Protector Weight To Choose ??

Quick guide for the four main weight categories & the best usage

Untitled Document There are a lot to take into consideration when choosing the weight or should we say the thickness of the sheet protector, file jacket or plastic sleeve. However for a fast guide to the five main categories that are the most widely used within the industry we recommend as written in the table below.

Type: Recommendation:
Super Heavyweight

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For fine presentations they provide that extra touch of feel that comes with a good presentation. Also perfect when there is a heavy demanding work load added to the pages because they are used frequently.

If you plan to store more than 1 page in the sheet protector, then you should not settle for any material less than the super heavyweight.
Extra Heavyweight

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This is a very hard thickness to find on the market. We think it's a great thickness to work with and some of Keepfiling's sheet protectors are offered in this weight. These are slightly better quality sheet protectors than heavyweight material, and are ideal for those who wants some added durability but not to the extent of super heavyweight and the cost that comes with it.

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Heavyweight Sheet Protectors a perfect gauge for everyday usage. It is convenient to work with, as it is easy to pick up and handle. Available at a very reasonably price taken the quality into account. A durable and reliable quality preferred by many.
Standard Weight

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For less frequent used documents Standard Weight Sheet Protectors is a good option. Priced well and provide basic protection but will not last as long. It offers better clarity and is our besting selling sheet protectors.

(Economy Weight)

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Best thing we can say about this economy weight gauge is that it provide the least expensive way to protect a document. Some manufacture provide these pages with a very narrow opening that makes it hard to insert a document and as it is thin and flimsy it can be hard to get them open. Keepfiling do offer one item at this gauge but with a wider opening at top. This should make it a little easier to insert a document.

The above is only mend as a quick guide and there are many issues to take into consideration including but not least the budget for the project. If you like to know more before making your selection you can also refer to our commercial guide:

It does provide much more detailed information and a bit of a historical reference. It will also get into the sensitive issue about how not to get cheated or at least not to feel cheated when receiving the final purchase.

Hopefully the above article increased both your knowledge and interest. Please take a moment to scroll true our large selection of sheet protectors and do feel free to send us an e-mail with an question that may be needed to be addressed.

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