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American Institute for Conservation
Conserving Historic & Artistic Works

Association of Canadian Archivists

Preservation and Collections Care
A must read with a tremendous amount of information from the Oxford University Library Services. This site includes extensive information on handling, storage, pests, mold and conservation.

Caring for Your Collections
Tons of information from the Library of Congress. Preservation tips for film, books, newspapers and photos. They also provide emergency drying procedures for water damaged collections.

Preserving Family Treasures & Heirlooms:
How to Protect and Save Them for Future Generations. Another helpful article at by Kimberly Powell, Genealogy Guide.

Caring For Your Albums
From the Kodak web site, a nice article with other informative links.

Minnesota Historical Society
This is an extensive article which includes "Emergency Instructions For Water Damaged Photographs" and a "Recipe for Gelatin Glue" among many other topics.